“How hard can it be?”

This was the question my wife Holly asked when we walked for the first time through the run down, flea and rodent infested rental home built in 1905 known by many in the town of Davidson as the haunted house by the cemetery.

We had driven by that house countless times on the way to dropping off our daughter for school at Davidson Elementary School, never imagining this run down rental property would one day become the home where we would raise our four children and create so many memories that will last a lifetime.

The answer to Holly’s question? Hard… but so worth it.

We love our home today more than the day we bought it and have experienced the joy of living in a home where every detail was contemplated with the goal of creating a place that is welcoming, warm and fits the way our family lives day in and day out.

It was from this experience that Holliday Homes was born. A passion to create beautiful homes that enhance the lives of our customers and add to the fabric of the communities where we live work and play.

Bill Worsley, President of Holliday Homes